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AAA Landfarms Inc., Idaho's Leading PCS Repository

The mission at AAA Landfarms Inc., located just South of Boise Idaho is to give the Generator of non-hazardous petroleum impacted soil an alternative disposal method other than solid waste landfilling.  We offer an environmentally sound and economically viable solution by using aeration and microbes in bioremediation to clean up the soil instead of storing it at a landfill.   We directly address the liability concerns that landfills create for the Generator.  After treatment, we place the soil back into the environment as useful soil under clean soil standards of Idaho.  We accept from any state.  We invite you to contact us and look forward to hearing from you.

PCS impacted soil
being spread in remediation field
Scarfication of remediation field
aaa land farm dozer rear.jpg
leading to natural soil remediation